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Angel Cortes

Mortgage Broker

Real Estate Agent

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Tracy Hamilton

International Co-ordinator

Connor Saunders

Real Estate Assistant

Laura Duenas

Admin Assistant

The goddess Vesta is the goddess of Hearth, The home, and domestic life in ancient Roman theology. Vesta cared for the home of the powerful god Jupiter. It is in Jupiter's home where Vesta tirelesses cared for the hearth - the home fire. More than just a source of heat and used for cooking, the continuously burning flame became the gathering place for the family, and even developed into the central symbol for the spirit of family. 

The goddess Vesta dedicated herself to keep the flame of the home burning for the betterment of family and the spirit of the home. This is what Vesta Real Estate Group strives to do for all their clients, work tirelessly to find a home for you that will be the focal point for your family and a symbol of who you are.

Our Team

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